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Comprehensive Sustainable Cattle Development Project (CSCDP)

Project Name Establishing Agency No. Of Centres No. Of Districts No. Of Revenue Villages Covered Artificial Insemination Performed Confirmed Pregnancies Calves Born
Comprehensive Sustainable Cattle Development Project (CSCDP) District Rural Development Agency Through SGSY Scheme 112 14 1881 154852 74824 66163

During the year 2009, 112 cattle development centers were established in 14 districts under special SGSY scheme of Govt. of India . The project Comprehensive Sustainable Cattle Development aimed to improve the socio-economic conditions of the rural families through sustainable livestock management . It helped to improve the cattle and Buffalo breed available with the farmers to produce superior quality animals using ultra modern technologies and superior germ plasm for enhanced productivity.

After closure of SGSY scheme, operations of these centers are continued with contribution from farmers. During the year 2019-20, 154852 AIs were performed, 74824 animals conceived and 66163 calves are born.Proportion of AIs in Cattle is to Buffalo is 48:52.

Coverage Area :