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Dairy Best Practices Programme (PPES)

Project Name Establishing Agency No. Of Centres No. Of Districts No. Of Revenue Villages Covered Artificial Insemination Performed Confirmed Pregnancies Calves Born
Dairy Best Practices Programme (PPES) Par Dada Par Dadi Education Society 2 1 30 2164 817 680

During the year 2013, 2 livestock development centers were established in Anupshahar Tehsil with support from Par Dada Par Dadi Education Society. The objective was to improve breed of dairy animals especially owned by the women SHG members thus helping them to improve their income. The programme focused on providing first aid support, breed improvement services through artificial insemination, animal insurance, financing better quality animals, inter- loaning facilities, setting up of bulk milk coolers, support for production of value added products and fodder management.

Women SHGs and the SHG's federation- Shakti Sangathan acted as platform for women mobilization and helped them to adopt the new techniques and act as agents for change in the area. Since April 2017, centers are operated with contribution from farmers. During the year 2019-20, 2164 AIs were performed 817 animals were conceived and 680 calves were born . Proportion of AIs in Cattle  to Buffalo is 40:60.

Coverage Area :