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Comprehensive Livestock Development Programme (DBF)

Project Name Establishing Agency No. Of Centres No. Of Districts No. Of Revenue Villages Covered Artificial Insemination Performed Confirmed Pregnancies Calves Born
Comprehensive Livestock Development Programme (DBF) Dalmia Bharat Foundation 3 2 30 2314 1026 737

Dalmia Bharat Foundation is supporting a project for Enhanced milk production through livestock breed improvement and management practices in identified villages of Sitapur and Shahjahanpur.

The main objective of the project is to enhance income of small and marginal farmer through increased milk production and productivity by livestock development and management practice.

Through Cattle Development Centers which will provide Multi activity service for livestock development that will help in improving the overall productivity and production of Milch animals thus, enabling farmers to get increased incomes.

Awareness cum sensitization and Capacity building of farmers for better livestock maintenance and clean milk production.

Good backward and forward linkages for improved Milk production and marketing.

Highlights :

To provide multi activity services for livestock development , three centres have been established each in Nigohi, Ramgarh and Jawaharpur.

New technology of sorted semen , Early pregnancy diagnosis has been introduced in the project area.

To build capacity of famers for better livestock maintenance & clean milk production 14 village meetings & awareness programmes were conducted during the year.


Coverage Area :