Water Resource Management

This programme facilitated to make best use of the available water resources for consumption of human, livestock and crop production. A holistic watershed development programme is being implemented in Vidarbha region and in selected clusters of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, enabling 1,12,341families covering 2.72 lakh ha in 1412 villages to increase their cropping intensity by 31-63% and crop yields by 40-80%. There was an increase in the ground water table by 1.5 m to 4 m, which eased the supply of potable water while improving the fodder supply. The revival of the traditional tanka system, coupled with fruit and forage production and livestock management in the arid region of Barmer in Rajasthan, has been undertaken to provide sustainable livelihood for small farmers.

As a State-level Resource Organisation of YASHADA and NABARD for capacity building in integrated watershed management programme in Maharashtra, series of training programmes on watershed development, irrigation and gender development were conducted for village level institutions, Government Extension Officers and project implementing agencies in Maharashtra.

                  Statewise coverage of Area under Watershed Development

      State  No. of MicroWatersheds   (Cum.) Cum. Area ha No. of Villages (Cum.) Cum.Families
MITTRA Maharashtra 23 23 23 23
GRISERV Gujarat 23 23 23 23
DHRUVA Gujarat 23 23 23 23
BIRD-K Karnataka 23 23 23 23
RRIDMA Rajasthan 23 23 23 23
BIRD-UP 23 23 23 23
BAIF Bihar 23 23 23 23
SPESD M.P. 23 23 23 23
BIRD-A.P. 23 23 23 32